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Beta Reading Service

You have completed your book and want an honest opinion from a reader about what works and what doesn't. Friends and family are great at offering their opinion, however, will they be totally honest about what works, what doesn't and what tweaks could make your book even better? This is where I can help.

I have been an avid reader of a variety of genres all my life and have a good knowledge of what works and what doesn't work in fiction. I can advise you on narrative, character development, plot, setting and more. You can be assured that while I will be honest, criticism will be constructive and gentle!  

Here is what authors have said about my beta reading service:

Bloomin' Brilliant Books very kindly agreed to be a beta reader for my historical novel entitled Another Woman's Husband. She showed great patience with me when I decided to do a rewrite after she'd read the first third, meaning that she then had to go back to the beginning and start again. She sent her report just over a week after receiving the revised draft, and it was incredibly helpful. First of all, she highlighted the bits of the novel that she liked best, which is always useful to know (and reassuring). Her criticisms of one of the main characters, Rachel, helped me to clarify the way I viewed her, and gave me guidance for further revisions to this plot strand. She commented on character, setting, dialogue and pace in a way that was informative and useful. All in all, her report gave me exactly what I needed to proceed to another draft before submitting to my editor, and I'm very grateful for all her feedback.

Gill Paul, author of The Secret Wife and Another Woman's Husband

Bloomin Brilliant Books's notes were really insightful and her great feel for the genre and understanding of narrative greatly helped me to get the most from my writing.

Caimh McDonnell, author of The Dublin Trilogy

Bloomin' Brilliant Books is a highly reliable beta reader. Her notes were helpful and the author benefitted greatly. She delivered ahead of schedule and was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Elaine Ofori, McFori Ink

Thank you for the superb job you did as a beta reader and proofreader for Dan Knew. I appreciate that it must have been challenging to be critiquing a book that is so personal and sensitive, but you managed it with aplomb! It was apparent through your insightful comments and suggestions that you had thought deeply, with understanding and care, about what I was trying to say and accomplish. 

FJ Curlew, author of To Retribution and Dan Knew

Bloomin' Brilliant Books’s beta read gave me everything I’d hoped for – insight, an honest overview, and a clear analysis. She has an eye for detail and a grasp of the current thriller market, both of which were invaluable in helping me polish my novel.

Ann Girdharry, author of Good Girl, Bad Girl and London Noir

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