Review Policy


Sadly I am curently unable to take any more requests for reviews for a period of time due to the size of my TBR pile! Please check back in the future as this will change.


I am happy for authors and publishers to make contact if they want me to read and review a book. My email address is or you can get in touch using the contact page sending details of the book, publication date, etc.

I accept books in the following formats -


I do not read Erotic or Horror novels.

Due to the volume of requests I cannot answer back every request I get, however, I do try. 

I cannot guarantee that I will accept, however, if accepted, my review will be fair and honest. I will try, as far as possible, to provide details as to when the review will be completed and on completion will contact and send a link to where the review is published. Reviews will feature on Bloomin‘ Brilliant Books, the Facebook page, Twitter, Goodreads and Amazon.

Thank you.