Review – Beneath The Surface by Sibel Hodge

Whoop whoop, I’m thrilled to be sharing my review of Sibel Hodge’s Beneath The Surface on its publication day today and wish Sibel a very happy book birthday!

The Blurb

Dean Hudson didn’t look evil…so what could drive an ordinary boy to kill?
When the teenage son of Holly Gold’s school friend brutally murders his parents before killing himself, her sleepy home town is rocked by the sudden tragedy.
Appalled, Holly investigates. What could have caused the happy-go-lucky boy she remembers to commit such a heinous crime? When another teen commits suicide, she uncovers a horrifying link between the recent deaths and a dark conspiracy to hide the truth.
But someone doesn’t want Holly asking questions and, as she hunts for evidence to prove her theory, she’s dragged into a nightmare that threatens her life and her sanity. Then tragedy strikes again—and this time it’s closer to home…
Beneath the Surface is a gripping psychological suspense-thriller from the bestselling author of Duplicity, Look Behind You and Where the Memories Lie.

My Thoughts

I am always excited when a new Sibel Hodge novel comes out and I consider myself very lucky to have been granted an advance copy of her latest thriller Beneath The Surface.

Journalist Holly Gold is shocked when Dean, the son of one of her oldest friends, commits suicide … after murdering his parents. Holly can’t understand why the genial child she remembers committed this horrific act and is determined to find out the reason behind his behaviour. Holly is soon led down a path she didn’t expect and finds that her investigation into the causes of the murder-suicide could, ultimately, put her own life at risk.

I don’t want to give any of the plot away as I want future readers to be as surprised as I was by the turn of events that take place in Beneath the Surface. It took a direction I did not expect at all, but it is a direction that is good and, despite being a work of fiction, eye-opening to say the least. I urge any reader to read the note from the author at the end of the book.

Hodge manages to combine fast-paced suspense with social issues and Beneath the Surface is as much an indictment of capitalist society as it is a thriller. Rather than being your average crime drama, the conspiracy that lies at the heart of the book is shocking and terrifying as it is grounded in truth. I loved the political layer, which is incredibly current, and the social commentary that punctuates the book. The theme of the pursuit of profit regardless of the cost is incredibly chilling.

Holly as a character is complex and likable. The black sheep of the family she has had her fair share of difficulties and at points during the book you do question her reliability, which adds to the enjoyment and the ride Hodge takes you on. Her quest for the truth and the tenacity Holly demonstrates despite the risks make her a brave and admirable character. She is a journalist, but she is a journalist with a conscience.

Hodge ratchets up the suspense with twists and turns I, for one, did not see coming. The conspiracy element of Beneath The Surface ensures that the reader is kept on their toes and the shocks keep on coming.

It’s no secret that Sibel Hodge is one of my favourite authors of the thriller genre and I’m pleased to say that she has written yet another fantastic book. The premise and Hodge’s style of writing make Beneath The Surface a gripping and thought-provoking read. This is not your average thriller and I loved it!

Published on 27 July 2017 by Thomas and Mercer.

A huge thank you to Sibel Hodge and Thomas and Mercer for the advance copy in exchange for my review.

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11 thoughts on “Review – Beneath The Surface by Sibel Hodge

    1. You’re very welcome. Loved it and have ended up buying Bad Pharma. You totally tapped into one of the issues I am cynical about in today’s capitalist society, brilliant! xxx

    1. I hope you enjoy Sibel’s books as much as I do. Thank you, I really didn’t want to give too much away.

  1. This sounds terrific, definitely going on the list! The political aspect of it interests me greatly, even though you’ve only hinted at it. Thank you!

    1. Hope you enjoy it. I love it when a book touches on current political or social issues and when they are grounded in truth, in this case it makes for shocking reading. I didn’t want to go into detail as to what that is in my review as I want future readers to come into it with fresh eyes, as I did.

  2. …. just downloaded on Kindle Unlimited, hurrah! Think will read it next.

  3. Brilliant review… can’t wait. Just downloaded this. Thanks

    1. Oh thank you. I hoped to get across the essence without giving anything away (not always easy to do!). I hope you enjoy it.

  4. I downloaded this, and didn’t care for it much! I am still interested in the plot even though I’ve abandoned it for now, but I thought the characters and dialogue were a bit bland. I would have liked something with this sort of plot to be more edgy, less chick lit-esque. I felt the main character’s drinking a lot was a bit contrived. I liked the chav brother and sister in law, though. I might go back to it, but I think it’s just that the writer’s style is not for me. That’s just a personal thing, of course, not bad or good, just a preference like preferring coffee to tea 🙂

    1. Oh no I’m so sorry to hear it didn’t do it for you! We all have such different tastes and it happens – what one person will love another won’t and that’s part of the joy (for me) of reading reviews other than getting recommendations.


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